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R5 Ross Lynch Dating ‘Austin & Ally’ Laura Marano After Maia Mitchell ‘Teen Beach 2’ Kiss?

>>COMPLETEDAustin and ally don't believe in love. Just like any other bad boy Austin Moon has a lot of trouble with his feelings. When Austin and Ally are assigned to do a project. 1 Jul Fans of The Disney Channels 'Austin & Ally' have been shipping stars Ross Lynch and Laura Marano for years. The show might be ending soon, but fans are still holding out hope that Ross and Laura will hook up. Lynch has previously went on record saying that he wouldn't a co-star while the show was. 27 Mar I realized that I was daydreaming about the perfect vacation and got off the shower before I start second guessing every life choices I have made. Something about water pouring down on your body could make you feel so vulnerable. I got ready as quick as I can before shuffling my way to the kitchen to find.

Austin considered himself as a nice guy, but sometimes he wasn't. He had what he liked to call his protective moments. Let's face it he had a lot of these moments, so Team Austin created names for his protective fits. The first one being Protective Best Friend Mode. This is strictly reserved for Dez, Trish, and Ally.

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Like when Trent only used Trish to become his back up dancer, Austin felt terrible. To make up Does Austin And Ally Start Hookup it he had a dance battle with Trent. Next comes the Protective Partner Mode.

This again is reserved for Team Austin. Whenever someone tries to separate them let's just say Austin doesn't like it. After that came Family Protective Mode.

Austin Moon might look like a just another it boy, but when it comes down to he will protect those around him. Trish, Dez, his Family mean so much to him. Protective Best Friend Mode. Austin more info Dez hated gym.

Dez said many times "It sucked having to where those Marino High uniforms, it makes me sweaty. Bee whisperer makes it go away by blocking it out with you swarm of bees. I bet this liquid coming from my head is stickier than their honey.

He made his way to his gym locker, unlocked it, and peeled the sticky T-shirt from his body dabbing his brow. While putting away the P. E shirt he looked down the line of locker doors. Here at Marino High they allowed pictures inside of lockers, even gym lockers, so many of them were covered in pictures of guys girlfriends or sports teams. Since Austin didn't have a girlfriend it was lined with group pictures of Link Austin.

Austin & Ally

More importantly pictures of him with his Songwriter Ally Dawson. Ally doesn't like sweaty guys he reminded himself so he grabbed a towel from Dez who obviously knew article source he was thinking. To get something straight, Austin and Ally were not dating.

Even though Austin really wanted them to be… Shhh don't tell Ally. Then she might become mad at him and would stop being his partner, or worse his best friend. No that won't happen he reminded himself. As Austin finished getting dressed back into his normal clothes he kept looking at the pictures.

One from the very first all-nighter they ever had, one from the most recent all-nighter which was only 5 days ago, and his favorite picturethe one from Ally and him at the NBT finale. He had to beg her to come with him because not only was he performing but he was going to take her down the "red carpet" with him.

She was so scared about the photographers but she did fine. He was so proud of her. In the picture they were so close and leaning Does Austin And Ally Start Hookup each Does Austin And Ally Start Hookup. If they were any closer she would have sat on top of him. He was so caught up in the world of Ally that is almost blocked out the perverts that he called gym locker neighbors.

There were these guys in the locker room that were all talking about umm… well to put this lightly "pretty" girls. Austin might seem like the type to kiss and tell but he respected girls. He didn't find it right to talk about them in that way so Austin wasn't in the conversation he heard "Man, I would love to hook up with that Ally Dawson girl, you know the one that looks fine in the skinny jeans.

She would be a fine prize, and probably easy to because no one else would go for her. He started see more feel a protective and jealous wave wash over him.

You're friends with her right? From what I heard your close friends. Have you tapped that yet Moon? How could anyone think about Ally in that way? She was so pure and innocent. Dez watched and knew what was going to happen soon. Don't you dare talk about Ally that way again. I really don't care for your stupid skate rat talk.

Dez fought through the crowd that was forming to pull Austin off the kid, even though he deserved it.

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No one talked that way about Ally. She was like a sister to Dez. Did you hear what he said about Ally? The door in the principal's office opened to reveal Ally Dawson walking in with a shocked look on her face followed by Randy who was checking out her backside. Austin got out of his chair, grabbed Ally by the waist and had her sit down in his seat. How did you get that bruise on your jaw" Ally asked so sweetly. Austin hadn't noticed the bruise till now, apparently he was to lost in "Best Friend Protective mode" to care.

I mean, an attractive young woman and an attractive young man, what could go wrong right? Bee whisperer makes it go away by blocking it out with you swarm of bees. She's wearing her red dress and everything! You're more important to me than all of that. I don't know Trish.

How would he tell her what had happened? Then the principal Mr. Connelly walked into his office. In a calm voice he said. Randy gave his side of the story, which didn't include anything about the conversation he and his friends had about Ally.

When Austin was told to say his side of the story he included everything that had happened except for his thoughts on the uniforms, but included the things Randy said. Apparently Randy had gotten in trouble for these types of things before because the Principal took Austin's side. Ally looked so uncomfortable and Austin's face flashed anger at the fact that Ally would be anywhere near that jerk. Connelly saw it to because he said.

But, I don't wanna be a superstar if I have to hurt Ally to do it. Only so she wouldn't say something she would regret. Should we hold hands?

Dawson, so we will have her go back to her class. Randy had many classes with Ally, to many for Austin's liking so he asked for a schedule change, which he was granted. However Austin was still given 1 week of ISS. See, so Austin was a nice guy. But he just didn't like the thought of people talking bad about those he cared for. So you can see why when Austin walked into Sonic Boom every day, he looked for Ally first. See more was no exception.

Today He spotted her over at the Piano with Nelson, probably giving him a lesson. Kind of like how Austin gets you.

Does Austin And Ally Start Hookup

So anyway, why don't you learn the words first? Then well worry about the piano later. He couldn't stay hidden any longer.

Does Austin And Ally Start Hookup

He walked up behind Ally and put his hand over her eyes. Nelson wants to sing one of your songs to Megan Simms, maybe you should teach it to him. Just friends he thought. Click at this page wrapped his arms around her so he could reach the piano keys.

He lifted his head off her shoulder and started to play their new song Christmas Soul. Ally closed her eyes and leaned back into his chest. She moved her hand to touch the bruise the still adorned his jaw. It means a lot to me to know someone is looking out for me" she whispered. You know I'd always help you. I don't want you to get hurt because of me or anyone else. The clock read 8: She had been here since 7: Probably from the night before when Austin took her out to myra's mini golf.

He was constantly hugging her when one of them had done something good, which was a lot because Austin was good at mini golf. Then he gave her his hoodie because she got cold. Of course he only did this because they were friends right? Friends did these kinds of things? Dez and Trish don't do that and Austin doesn't do that for Trish, a voice nagged in her head.

Whatever her and Austin were a special case she guest. She was wearing his purple hoodie right now, as if to keep Austin with her even when he wasn't here.