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5 Aug Just the way this works. Just read, please. I hope you like it. It's not my best, because Emma and Daniel are really challenging for me in this story, but it's making me a better writer. Daniel. So I've been shamelessly flirting with Emma for more than a week. I'm about to crack, and I know now is the right time to. Miss Information makes sure you are all caught up only on 0 Kudos. Demma or Jemma? A FANDOM user I personally like Demma a lot better than Jemma.I think Daniel cares about Emma a lot more than Jax. Maybe Jax can hook up with Andi or Katie and make Jandi or Jatie? I think Andi and Jax could be a nice couple. So, are you Team Demma or Team Jemma ?.

A mix between different points of views. Some first and some third. Just the way this works. I hope you like it. It's not my best, because Emma and Daniel are really challenging for me in this story, but it's making me a better writer.

So I've been here flirting with Emma for more than a week. I'm about to crack, and I know now is the right time to make a move.

I'm doing it for love, and I've changed. I'm become more straightforward. I'm not a bad guy The tiniest bit desperate. It's kind of pathetic, but I'm sure it will get Emma's attention. You could call me a jerk and a girlfriend stealer, but what can I do when the girl I love wants to be with me?

He had her, alone and cornered in the boys locker room. He finally managed to lure her in here, and as soon as she entered, He grabbed her with whirlwind intensity, and pinned her against a wall.

He put his hand on her back, right above her bottom. And he actually blushed. Only Emma could make him blush like that. Visit web page Emma was bright red. She tried to not look at him, but failed.

She couldn't break eye contact. Her heart was racing so fast she though it might explode. She was so turned on right now. Daniel was being so dominating, something she never saw from him when they were dating. This is exactly what both of them wanted. You're not happy with Jax, I know it. You guys aren't gonna make it work. He's never gonna love you like I can, Emma.

Let me love you. Let me kiss you so you forget about Jax. Daniel didn't waste anytime, slamming her against the wall, grabbing her ass with one hand and tangling his other hand in her hair. He slammed his lips into hers.

Emma knew that Daniel was what she truly wanted. He slipped his tongue in her mouth, wanting to feel as close to her as possible. Emma became weak in the knees, feeling as if she might just die from pleasure.

She knew cheating was wrong, but Daniel made everything seem so right. He had never kissed her like this, never grabbed her ass or kissed her with tongue before. This was a new Daniel, and she was loving him. And yes, he made her forget about Jax.

She could still feel his hot breath on her cheek. She knew she felt the same way, and pulled him back in for another hot kiss. I don't Every Witch Way Emma And Daniel Hookup to be with you anymore.

Daniel's been playing games with me, and I've played along. I've felt unsatisfied in this relationship for a long time, and I-I just know it's not headed in the right direction. We're not headed in the right direction. I can't stand it when youre crying.

It just makes me wanna cry. I cheated on you, but you're still more concerned with how I-I'm feeling? I used to be the sweet and caring one-". And what's worse is I would do it again. I wanna be with Daniel. You don't deserve to be treated like this. But I can't be in this click here anymore. It's not making me happy.

Every Witch Way Emma And Daniel Hookup

His goodbye sounded like a 'forever' goodbye. Like he was done with me. I'd chewed up his love and spit it out. I deserved that goodbye. I had done something horrible.

But I couldn't be with him when I loved Danny. I wouldn't be fair. Not to me, him, or Daniel. I just hope he doesn't hate me for being so selfish.

Or at least that's what she told me. Girls try to comfort me, but I know what their intentions are. I knew Jax was going to win.

My back and forth between boys is even getting on my nerves. But I've made my final decision. I welcome hot tears, my new friend. Somehow I knew I'd meet them soon, and that Emma would be the cause.

But ever since a certain witch caught his eye, he could care less about any party or GIRL for that matter. Her eyes closed, her mouth open in silent moans because it felt so good —. She was surprised to find out it was Emma who called her. The bed shifted as Jax moved toward her.

I don't why I've tried to make us work. I knew somehow we wouldn't.

Demma or Jemma?

The best thing I can do is untangle myself from Emma, and stop my feelings for her. They are only causing me to hurt more, in reality.

Every Witch Way Emma And Daniel Hookup

Last time I'd really cried was when my mom died. From then, I built up this wall. I hid my emotions. But then I met Emma. Thing is, we were just not meant to be together. I guess that's why I'm crying. The girl that taught me how to feel I just will have to feel awful for the next few days. I won't be able to bear seeing Jax miserable at school. Daniel wants to make our public, but I think we need a few days.

Every Witch Way : "Daniel and Emma's Love Story"

I would seem mean to be holding hands with Jax yesterday and Daniel today. People would say things. I can't get a bad rep. What would my dad hear I'm the hallways? What will Andi think? I don't want to ponder on it. As I arrive at school, I realize news of my cheating has spread. I get looks from everyone, I see Jax surrounded by a cloud of younger girls trying to comfort him, in hopes of maybe being his rebound or something.

Daniel stays away from me.

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He understands, and I'm so grateful. I know that Emma is a great person, and I feel like a fool for letting Daniel entice her with his ways. I've heard the rumors. One girl says she saw them come out of a classroom together, post make out, looking like a rumpled mess. Some random shark member saying he heard him bragging to a friend about French kissing her and grabbing her ass. I feel sick hearing about it. Girls try to comfort me, but I know what their intentions are.

I don't want anything to do with any of them. I don't want to look at Emma.