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I started smoking pot in high school, but the drug became part of my identity during my first semester of college. Before I started smoking weed hardcore, I had a few girls in my life. I was having sex semi-regularly and had a big mixed social group where I was undoubtedly the leader. That's when I started to get high more . 6 Feb Do you need to connect with a dude and talk about weed? Actually, I'm not sure I do, but whatever. High There! is only available to our readers in the US, given that smoking weed is still kind of against the law here. But if any Americans have found finding love difficult because of your soft drug addiction. 21 Jun Girls are more likely to sleep around at university if they smoke cannabis, according to a new study. American researchers set out to discover if some students are more likely than others to 'hook up'. They discovered that smoking cannabis was one of the main factors determining whether first-year, female.

Do guys find girls who smoke weed more unattractive? Meet singles at DateHookup. If a girl smokes weed, does it really matter to the guy unless he is really against it? I find ladies who smoke weed very unattractive and I wouldn't socialize with them. I love having my girls smoke with me, my primary doesnt smoke, which im ok with, but the once in a while she does smoke with me, its great.

Nothing better then smoking the sticky, and getting a little kinky. I think we are beyound seperating men and what they do from ladies and what they do. I enjoy smoaking and find I have more incomman with the ladies who smoke. Sorry to say this but I can't be around people that use drugs even weed. I don't have a problem with people doing weed just can't be around them.

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Christy you said you had a bad experience with weed what did you run out???? One will eventually try to change the other on this issue.

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I find them a whole lot more attractive than on smokers I smoked a bit back in my teenage years but was more into beer. I found that people who smoke weed tend to have their own circle of friends. I alway enjoy a new smoking buddy. And the way I look at it, is a female smoking buddy is easier on the eyes the a male one. If you're younger maybe 18 to mid'sits probably more acceptable and not necessarily unattractive.

But, as you get older I'm 37I think it's kind of immature and yes, UNattractive. But that's just my personal opinion. But, I've been clean now from everything including alcohol since I was Hell na, its tight when a girl smokes bud.

Thats the kind of girl im lookin for! I find it very sexy! I would love a girl that smokes weed. A girl that smokes weed is about the most sexy thing I can think of Of course that might only be, because I'm a complete pothead lmao.

If I could ever find a girl to smoke it up with me I'd fall in love But she can't be the jelous type I've already fell in love with my 1 girl Mary Jane!

Of course that might only be, because I'm a complete pothead lmao. The study, titled "Predictors of Sexual Hookups: You've got it cuz. Hell na, its tight when a girl smokes bud. Keep in mind that the website is run entirely by one person.

I will not date any guy who likes to smoke weed or any another recreational drug. I have had a bad experience with it. Girl if u smoke weed then whats up i smoke cigs and mary jane but i would rather smoke mary and its the best when a girl smokes weed because atles u dont have to suport other habits. So, tell us WHY you're here??? Nothing better then smoking the sticky, and getting a little kinky So True!!!

Girls who smoke marijuana are more likely to sleep around at university, claims study

I will not date anyone that smokes it or does drugs. I guess if your into that stuff then you want someone that is into it as well.

Peloton's hi-tech bike lets you stream live and on demand rides to your home - and it's one of the best examples of fitness technology out there - at a price. There ya go, girl I think so too, if sad, angrylonely people would just get a chillthey wouldn't be so much of the above. Thats the kind of girl im lookin for! There's a good chance I'm thinking about this way too hard.

It shouldn't matter if a girl smokes weed only if you like to kiss a shity ash tray!!! Girls that smoke weed is a major major turn on. Sure not much shaking, here? That's right, I agree, has it not been said, do not be unequally yoked together with a nonbeleiver?

What a refreshing attitude, it only makes sense that you hook up with some one who will have fun and indulge in the sacred, together, with the combining of female and male energies, that create what is called the heiros gamos, the yin and yang I guess click spelling has a lot to be desired. Some one to smoke with would be dream come true!! Well, don't do girls but I don't see the big deal with a little smoke now and then.

Mamma if it helps you get thru your day go for it! Your grown with your own Folks are always trying to tell someone what they should do I say manage Hookup A Girl Who Smokes Weed, Sweetie. The world would be a happier place. Me neither don't do girls? If a man thinks I'm unattractive if I smoke weed, I care not!!

Won't break my heart, what's he doin' in my face anywaypreaching to me?

Hookup A Girl Who Smokes Weed

I just won't have itdon't have to take it, and forget there are people out there with such narrow minds. Now that's what I call truthfulcool and respectful, right on bro, tolere nce is the key. The only time I become disrespectful is when I'm being disrespected, and need to confront the disrespect, and I even try to be respectful then, but sometimes enough is enough, and I sure didn't get the impression that you came in here to fight!!

Hookup A Girl Who Smokes Weed

Thanks for your post!!! I'd have Hookup A Girl Who Smokes Weed say that would be my explaination of a bad experience with weed, running out!!!! I am sure there are men that find women unattractive that do thisthey are usually the ones that don't smoke itI think personally.

I don't care if someone does not smoke itbut no one is going to preach to me about it. I hope it gets legalized sometime in our country ,and us certain partakers will be so much better off!! I would much rather do this than drink alcohol any day. Again we all have our preferences. There ya go, girl I think so too, if sad, angrylonely people would just get a chillthey wouldn't be so much of the above.

What could be more conveeeeeeeinant!!!! And thats one of the things I'm looking for. Something tells me I'm going to have a hard time finding my tokin' sweety.