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How to handle emotional women

30 Oct Originally published on It's a rare man who knows how to deal with an emotional woman. I know that “feelings” scare a lot of dudes, and in their fear and perfectly admirable desire to “fix things,” they become inert, inept or insensitive. Instead of being the guy that makes the girl even more. Can't handle your highly emotional wife? A good relationship help or marriage advice will help you strengthen as a man and husband. How you deal with life's events has everything to do with how happy your marriage is. ReadYour husband has 5 Here are a few signs that you're being a little too emotional for your hubby to handle. A man can handle just so much of that, and then, like a trip to the dentist, he'll avoid it — even if it means lying to his wife.

One of the common problems I see is a partner who is extremely volatile in their emotions partnered with a mate who is stuck in a pattern of enabling the destructive behavior.

How To Handle A Very Emotional Wife

If you have read my blogs in the past, you know I typically speak to women about the dysfunctional patterns in her husband. However, this is one issue I see more frequently in women, then I do in men.

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So men, I am speaking to YOU. You may be known as the nice guy, who cares deeply for his family, friends, and co-workers. You are extremely stable, loyal and provide well for your family.

The best way for you to deal with this is to stop playing the game of "fixing what this is 'about,'" and start listening for what it's really about. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Please give me some direction.

She is like a whirlwind of excitement, who has you bound in infatuation. Fast forward four weeks from the wedding day, and life looks MUCH different. The adrenaline from the excitement has now turned into adrenaline from fear, as you watch her quickly move from a tender moment to a full-on rage. If this sounds a lot like your marriage, we can help.

We see breakthroughs constantly in marriages which are highly emotional and volatile. With our intensive based model we see the dysfunctional patterns quickly and strive to create change in your relationship.

Although it takes two to tango—or in this case, to start a forest fire—you, being the man you want to be, can completely control this burn. He quickly helped me see how the things that were going wrong in my life were really things I could put under my control. It is correctly said:. A little time with buddies can be a good thing, but when this becomes hubby's escape, that's evidence he's not wanting to be where his wife's emotions are in full swing. You can do your part to change this dance.

Keeping the peace in this type of relationship can be downright tricky. Here are some tips on what NOT to do: As the anger flares, the inability for you to calm her down or speak rationally with her is nearly impossible. Fights will always escalate and nothing is resolved from this place.

How To Handle A Very Emotional Wife

I find that most men feel helpless as they watch their wife throw valuables around the house. If you chose to restrain her from your own fear, she will escalate even more…and you are off to the races. What CAN you do?

Do try to catch your wife before she begins fully escalating. As you feel the tension rising, lean in and ask what is bothering her?

10 Things You Should Never Say To An Emotional Woman

Do try to slow down and be careful what you say. All it can take is one word, which comes out as accusatory or argumentative, and you can be off to the races. Anger floods her and she becomes overwhelmed with emotions, and no longer able or willing here hear you.

How to Deal With An Emotional Wife —

Iron clad boundaries must be implemented with your mate around her intolerable behavior. Do commit to only speaking to your wife from a calm, caring and respectful place. You can do your part to change this dance.

I know all of this is A LOT of work, but if you challenge yourself to stay in a good place emotionally, she eventually will respond to your new way of approaching her. Sign Up for Our Newsletter! Article Categories Boundaries Communication Dr.