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Things Libra A About Bad Dating

12 things YOU need to know about LIBRAS ♎

I've already told you about all the great things about dating a Libra man now, lets try all the worst things about dating a Libra man. I've found Libra men to be great for a time, but it always seemed to fizzle long term nothing seemed to quite last with myself and a fellow Libra. Perhaps, we were too much alike to really make. 5 Oct You're on the bus to some awkward office team building exercise, which is already the worst place in the universe to be headed. Libra boy drops by with a bottle of crazy expensive wine, then watches the whole season of OITNB with you in one sitting. . Want to read more bad news for your dating life?. 14 Sep Have I piqued your interest yet? I'm here to tell you that there's nothing sexier than a Libra woman. The Libra's sign is the scale, which symbolizes her thirst for justice in life and love. She is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty: two things she never stops chasing. An air sign, the Libra woman.

They can be a shameless flirt. They love socializing and have a knack for making people feel comfortable.

Smart phones are a Libras go-to social tool and their go-to vice. If you'd like disconnect from the mental chatter but don't have time for long drawn out meditation, then try 7 Minute Mindfulness. Geminis love to talk so much that you can barely get a word in.

They rarely lose their temper. It takes a lot to make a Libra man mad. Notoriously cool and collected, a Libra guy takes a laidback approach to life and rarely lets anything really bother him. Libras like to stand back and watch situations play out before getting involved. Sometimes this can be very frustrating for someone who wants Libra to take action and Libra remains seemingly detached.

If you're trying to determine if someone has real integrity, if they can be relied on, and if they are kind of person worth having in your life, look for these 15 traits. Women are used to multi-tasking because of their role in the household as the one who keeps things running smoothly. Believing People Not only can genuine and reliable people be trusted, but they also trust and rely on other people. Libra's easy going peaceful nature good make them vulnerable too giving too much of themselves bad. The past is the past; we can't change it.

It can be hard to break up with them. Once they commit they truly commit so they often stay in unhealthy or non-working relationships for months or even years past when it should have ended. Libras are all about fairplay and justice. Any sense of dishonesty or unfairness from a potential significant other is the easiest way to lose his interest.

Libra can be kind of indecisive.

They always weighs both sides before making any decisions. They have a deep appreciation for creativity, natural beauty, and the arts. The great thing about Libra men is that they can tend to be extremely romantic and creative.

5 Things a Libra Does When They Have A Crush

You might find out that during highschool or college he played in a band or took classes in sculpture or you might discover he has a knack for writing hilarious short stories. They seek out balance and elegance of form.

Bad Things About Dating A Libra

Libras truly dislike anything that is too overwhelming or smothering. They are the opposite of an all or nothing personality — they never go to extremes.

They can be very self-indulgent. Because they have such expensive taste and because they truly do love being surrounded by beautiful things this can lead to problems.

Compliment him on his style. Take notice of his shoes, clothes, the kind of cigarettes or alcohol he consumes, the types here movies he watches — anything and everything he does is for other people to notice.

Bad Things About Dating A Libra

Libra men make it a point to have very unique tastes and truly enjoy when another person makes a comment or compliments him. They can be extremely lazy — both mentally and physically.

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Libra men would rather take things as they are then have to do any mental work and dig a little deeper. I think everyone has a quote that has ignited something within them — a quote that has stirred their heart and inspired their creativity. A good quote can make me write for hours, I think that is why I find reading so integral when it comes to art.

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