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How to Deal with Insecure People

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25 Mar Every guy feels a little unsure of himself sometimes (unless he's a raging egomaniac, that is). Just like women, dudes might rely on a little emotional pick- me-up from their partners. But if a guy is regularly insecure, it can take a toll on both you and your relationship. "Dating an insecure man can take up a lot. 29 Sep Regardless of how "perfect" someone may seem, we all have things about ourselves that we would change if given the chance. For the vast majority of people, having a few insecurities are a totally normal part of everyday life. For some people, however, dealing with very deep-seated insecurities can feel. It can be challenging to deal with a defensive insecure individual. They often appear confident and self assured until they open their mouth. They are usually self centered because they have not matured beyond the stage in life where they think everyone is thinking about and judging them.

Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity. Feelings of insecurity, we have all experienced them at some point in our lives. A jealous feeling deep within our being due to an experience we felt was out of source control.

A moment of fear when we believed someone may have been talking negatively about us. A deep-rooted worry that a partner may no longer love us. Look back, we have all been there and it is never a nice place to be.

I AM INSECURE! Dealing With Feelings Of Insecurity & Inadequacy

Feelings of constant insecurity and doubt about our worth and value, is nothing short of destructive to our peace of mind and ultimate happiness in life. Being in a relationship of some sort with someone who is very insecure can also be draining and challenging for everyone involved. In my career as a manager and business owner, I have had the challenge but also pleasure of managing some very insecure people. In my early years I would find peoples insecurities frustrating and even tiresome. Now I try to take pleasure in helping these type of people acknowledge their insecurities and then try to help them to embrace these feelings, with the view of growing and reaching a new-found wisdom.

The need to control. Insecure people can often have an over whelming desire to control the relationships around them and situations that are be presented to them. Insecurities can make a person feel as if they are constantly walking outside of their comfort zone, and we all know how that feels. Because of this, they will often desperately try to control the views, opinions and actions of others. Try to acknowledge this when you see it happening, and rather than become frustrated How To Deal With An Insecure Person the other person, empathise, but do not let feelings of sympathy allow the controlling action to continue.

I was once in a relationship with a really insecure partner. It was the most suffocating relationship I have ever been in, and when I realised I was changing who I was to please him, it finally dawned on me that it was time to move on.

The need to always be right and never wrong. They will also often get very frustrated if you express a different opinion or even challenge their own beliefs. Again be mindful if this kind of situation arises, there is continue reading point becoming angry or frustrated.

Finger pointing and fault-finding. Insecure people will often blame others for their own unhappiness and insecurities. How To Deal With An Insecure Person, I do not tolerate this kind of excuse finding behaviour if it is unwarranted. Not wanting to share your happiness or success. You may have been friends with someone for a while, or in a relationship that was ticking along nicely, and then suddenly your situation changes, and your partner or friend begins to find it difficult to share your happiness.

This can be hurtful and confusing for all of those involved. Insecure people can feel threatened very easily, and will often struggle to keep the upper hand when it comes to their careers, relationships and personal life as this gives them a sense of worth.

Finding it increasingly challenging and difficult to deal with their negative feelings and emotions. I had worked with her on a professional level for some years, and really valued her talents. We worked really well together, until I suddenly noticed that she was beginning to show signs of insecure behaviour. Everything was becoming a bit of a drama.

The more successful she became the more irrational her behaviour grew, until one day, she actually turned on me. It was unexpected, unnecessary and quite honestly it was unkind.

How To Deal With An Insecure Person

This in turn caused her much internal unhappiness and anger. Years later, I can see the value of the lesson through much wiser eyes and a more open heart. Deep inside she was hurting, and was desperate to find a deeper sense of happiness. Bouts of Anger or Frustration: In all my years as a manager I have seen that many insecure people carry a lot of anger and frustration.

Ultimately insecurities are formed from our childhood experiences and situations that we have faced in our younger years, experiences that we are still holding onto which are affecting how we interact in the world as adults.

Because of our insecurities we may find it difficult to extend love, and instead we choose to extend anger and frustration. We return to child mode. Of course this may be a challenge to you, especially if someone has been rude or hurtful towards you. The fact is, you can still be firm and get your view-point across but you can do it in a way that diffuses the situation completely and actually deflects the anger away from both of you. Encrypted Social Media Rants. Other than read article a few things off of your chest in a public forum, for the world to see, how does that serve anyone well?

I personally feel, if you have a friend or partner that feels How To Deal With An Insecure Person need to do this, do not get into a conversation with them about it online, or comment on their post. Encouraging such negativity in fact just feeds their negativity, and in turn empowers it even more. Secure, confident people, who value your friendship, will have the decency to talk to you face to face about something you may or may not done that has caused them upset.

If you feel like you've made many attempts to help your friend, and he continues to feel down, he may be depressed. Why don't we talk after class or at lunch? When dealing with a bully, establishing resilience in yourself can be the best line of defense to help to protect against attacks and criticism. Not Helpful 1 Helpful

Not feel the need to write some random coded status update on Facebook or such like. Random ranty posts are just screaming for attention. Instead they will here embrace the happiness of others and look within to be grateful for their own.

Oh dear… this is so scary, as I just had a very heated conversation with an incredibly insecure person as I now find How To Deal With An Insecure Person. Thank you for the post, I feel I may be referring to it in the future. It reminds me of someone I am currently having to deal with the negativity and wrath of her insecurities.

It seems as if this person spends more time blaming others for her life issues instead of looking within herself and her toxic relationships. Ignoring is the best option, but I will tell you that it is hard to do at times, especially when it has continued intermittently yet consistently for over a year.

Just let it go, look to yourself for your problems and solutions, and move on. An insecure person is not responsible. Judgmental as she is always right and the whole world is wrong. Still trying to be article source, but not get hurt. I am How To Deal With An Insecure Person very secure person, and this person is close to me. Unfortunately, I have had not one but two such people in my life!

One was just an acquaintance and it was easy to move on, The other was a close friend. That was tough to deal with. Everything I did seemed to be an issue. She was mean, controlling and manipulative to such an extent, I had no choice but to completely sever all ties with this person. The final straw was when she called me insecure! We moved in the same circles and I knew there would be a lot of discomfort, but it got too toxic for me to handle. She has promptly gone around maligning me and my family.

I call it high school behavior! And thankfully, I am secure in knowing that if someone can think for themselves, they know who I am. If not, well, not my loss then!

Still trying to be loving, but not get hurt. They may seem to act irrationally or fearful that you'll leave them. My wife gets angry on the smallest issues, sees the fault in everybody around and when she gets angry she loses it completely. While it's important to check in with them via phone or text, talk with them ahead of time about boundaries when you're out or away from them. This should help make them feel more secure, and elevate their self worth.

But am I ready to give up my peace of mind? Not to that extent! Well, this is so true and so sad when you find out that you are married to this kind of person. The whole attitude can be very confusing for someone who never had this kind of overwhelming insecurities, especially when the other person insists everything is OK with them and you are the one who is insecure and crazy! My best friend fits almost perfectly with these descriptions. Thanks for the text, I think it will help me to find ways to deal with people like this.

Oh man, I really needed to read this here. Unfortunately I worked with a very insecure so called friend for nearly two years.

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To be honest it had got so bad that I was pleased to be away from this nasty negative woman…. Life is so much better now and I really appreciate the nice and true friends around me. My Girlfriend is Insecure HeyNaija. Reblogged this on The Life of Decci. The Life of Decci. This post is so awakening and puts it all into perspective. Specially when the level of insecurity is such that it becomes impossible to co-exist. As I read the post and the comments I felt they How To Deal With An Insecure Person my partner.

I met this girl who got hurt by her ex. Thank you for your post. I have been married about 7 months now and for the most part, have seen such symptoms in read more wife. Initially I used to think that she just gets angry a lot but after reading, i figured it is to do with insecurity.

How To Deal With An Insecure Person

I feel really stressed sometimes and am really in need of help. My wife gets angry on the smallest issues, sees the fault in everybody around and when she gets angry she loses it completely. I see my relationship with other members of the family straining.

We are all stressed and desperate for help. Can you please suggest what can i do, who can help or what can be done to remove the insecurities my wife has?

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I really love her but I know all these bouts of anger are straining my relationship with her.