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In Loving Memory Of My Husband. likes · 73 talking about this. I have created this page as I felt I needed somewhere to post memories, feelings. For those who have not experienced the loss of a husband, it is impossible to understand the depth of the pain a wife feels. Poem of the Day. Latest Shared Story. I lost my husband on October 15, to throat cancer. It's been three months, and I miss him so much. We were If I knew you knocked on heaven's door. Missing husband in Heaven Quotes | DEAR HUSBAND IN HEAVEN MEMORIAL POEM PRINT PERSONALIZED. BEST Poems & Picture Quotes, Specializing In Sympathy Card Messages & In Loving Memory. Find this . [ In Memory Of My Husband In Loving Memory Tattoos ] - Best Free Home Design Idea & Inspiration.

I lost my wife of over 62 years. I still feel alone sometimes.

Missing My Husband In Heaven Poems

She was 84, passing away just before Christmas Missing My Husband In Heaven Poems met in high school. We married in We had 4 living children. I sit alone now in the darkness of despair. I cry my silent tears. My heart is broken into a million tiny pieces.

The silence is deafening to my ears. The darkness frightens me. The shadows climb the wall. I hear footsteps walking, Passing through the hall. The loneliness surrounds me; It takes my breath away. This is the pattern of my life Since that awful, dreadful day. Without a clue, Without a hint Of what was yet to be, God called you home To be with him And took you away from me. I walk, I talk. I carry on When the sun pokes out its head, But when darkness falls And evening comes, I cannot go to bed.

For this is when I miss you most of all. When I curl into a little ball And cry those silent tears. Watching the shadows And missing you. I Am Not That Strong. Even now after over 3 years, I still suffer from losing her. She was truly the center of the family. I think of her every day. She passed just 12 days before she was to meet our great grandson for the first time. She was so looking forward to that. She was into family history research and was able to go back continue reading 19 generations.

She had so many activities and friends. I cannot count them all. She grew from childhood, losing a lower leg from a farm accident, cancer tumor on vertebrae, paralyzed for over 2 years, cancer of the breast, 25 blood transfusions. She was always upbeat. Our children miss her so much. They say she is in a better place. That provides some solace, but I am lonely and sad sometimes and just keep going. I'm waiting to see her again.

Tears In Heaven - Missing my Husband on our 23rd Anniversary

I met my wife to be 47 years ago. We fell in love and were married. We planned and raised 3 boys. Married and parenting life was as normal as life comes. We were a family that did everything together. We prospered and moved out of our house after 30 years of making memories for country living. We were making new memories.

My wife retired at age I had 11 years to go until age With one year until retirement, on June 18,my wife was diagnosed with ALS. She was so healthy all her life.

Such eyes betray a heavenly soul; Flood gates of such innocent love, That capture hearts as devine toll, For a glimpse of what waits above. We were married 34 years. Malkin I built a tiny garden In a corner of my heart I kept it just for lovely things And bade all else depart And ever was there music And flowers blossomed fair; And never was it perfect Until you entered there.

I took an early retirement as my wife needed me more than anything. I became her full time caregiver. I love her so much.

She passed away December 23,two days after her birthday and two days before Christmas. That's the way it was meant to be. The end of life was expected, but the pain seems worse now that she is gone.

Life's different, and now my support is scarce, life's empty, and I'm alone. There are reminders click here. Life will never be the same.

Your words are exactly my feeling right now. I can't help but get emotional. My husband passed on November 12,and your words are my life right now. I'm sorry for your loss. My husband died February 19, He had a stroke in the night.

He had gotten up to sit in his recliner, and I was still sleeping.

God is taking care of him now and he is not suffering anymore. We had been together for 15 years and married for almost 14 of them. I am sad, depressed, angry, regret, devastated, miserable.

When I got up, I saw him there, unable to talk. He was only able to move a finger on his left hand. I felt helpless, horrified, and devastated!

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We had been married 50 years and together 56 years--since we were 15 years old. We had lost our first son 49 years before. He was my rock, and I depended on him as he did me! He lingered 11 days on life support.

Then that horrible day came when I had to take him off of life support! My remaining son and I just stood there and cried. We were devastated and still grieve his loss every day! He was a wonderful husband and father. I'll never be able to cope with this loss. I look forward to joining him one day! He would have been 72 years old in August of this year. We were very close, and I still can't believe I'll never see his sweet smile, hold his hand, or enjoy his since of humor!

I'm not well, and my son cares for the best he can! Dear Cheryl We share the same pain. I have lost a son.

Grief And Loneliness After Losing A Spouse

I lost him thirteen years ago to suicide. On the same day, unknown to continue reading son, my daughter gave birth to her son. My husband died in April at the age of 72 from a stroke just like your dear husband. I have lost the will to live and was sent home from the hospital and wasn't with him when he passed away.

We had been married forty-five years. I miss his little jokes and all our trips in our camper van, and I wish I could join him. Damien Ferguson, my love, my friend, and soulmate passed away on December 1, Our two kids, ages four and six, and I are in need of prayer, peace, and Missing My Husband In Heaven Poems.

I miss my husband so much. I feel like I can really feel my heart crying. I need desperately to be in a good place for my babies. God is not done with me yet.

Missing My Husband In Heaven Poems

I know I must keep going, but most times it feels impossible. I'm so lost and angry, and I feel like I might be losing my mind, and more than anything else I feel like I need to be a better person for my babies.

I am in constant pain, and my eldest sees my heart. My condolences to you. My prayers are with you and your family. Maybe I could use some counseling.