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Signing Up is the most popular dating site out there, and there are 3 ways you can get it for free. You can sign up for a free account, you can get a 7-day free trial, and you can get 6 months free with their 6-month guarantee. Here are the details about all 3 of those options. Free 3 Day Trial. If all of this sounds interesting to you, you can try free for 3 days. This will provide you full use of the site to determine if it is something you would find benefit in using. I wrote about this in detail in my post here. 22 Nov All you have to do is upload a few pictures, describe yourself and your interests, and each service will attempt to find matches for you. We've OkCupid: One of the most popular free online dating and social networking platforms on the web. In order to sign up, you have to connect your Facebook account.

Harvard Business School graduate, Mark Brooks, has been an expert in the Internet dating business since This is terrible and I have heard others experience the same. I wouldn't use them again. Seems a lot of people have had issues with their "faultless" system.

This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own.

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Want to know more about ConsumerAffairs accredited brands? Check out ConsumerAffairs for Brands. I deactivated my profile on Match. That way they can keep the money and have no accountability whatsoever. They took money read more me when I wasn't even activated on their site and then refused to fully refund me.

They said deactivating the profile wasn't the same as stopping the subscription, which is deceptive and is meant to confuse people so they can continue receiving subscriptions. I have disputed it with my credit card company and they have reversed the amount, subject to the outcome of the dispute that could take 90 days. Not only is it unethical, it's just bad business practices.

I found their site difficult use and to deactivate my account. It was not clear on either App or website. Customer service was not friendly, nor helpful with my issue. I spoke to 2 different male supervisors whom conveyed no real sense that Match. I wouldn't use them again. I certainly would not recommend to friends after speaking to the people in their offices.

No messages from a real person so far and it's been months. Not only is it unethical, it's just bad business practices. I complained to customer service who claim to have "no record" of my cancellation. My rental place has a rule Two they said I sent messages after my account renewed which I had not!

So I decided to check out Match. Since I have signed up for a three month subscription, I have received nothing but vulgar and lewd content from males on the site.

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I was told that I am not allowed a refund and that my information is stuck on there for the next three months since people messaged me within the last 24 hours. So now for the next three months if I would like to check my mailbox which I DO NOT want to at allI will be subjected to these disgusting men sending pictures and lewd language to me. I am sure some people have had some luck finding love using this site, however, What Can You Do With A Free Match Com Account policies are ALL wrong.

You can be sure I will be disputing this charge with my CC company! Very poor, discourteous, and unprofessional customer service. One evening, I decided to subscribe to match.

The next morning I tried to log back into my account link I see an error message telling me my account has been deactivated with an email address to contact match. I then send match. Due to our privacy practices, we cannot disclose specifics about any Match account, including your own.

And decide to give me no specific details on what I specifically did to violate their terms of service or their privacy policy. My only thought was: Trust me folks, this site is not worth wasting your money or time over.

What could I have possibly done wrong on their site? Was it too many excessive messages I sent that one evening I decided to give match. Trust me guys and gals, this site is not worth it. It is not worth your money or time. There are plenty of other online dating services out there that are a much better investment of your money and time. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

Payment taken all at once instead of monthly, which was a HUGE surprise to me! Also, I found out after paying and having signed up that apparently there is no Canadian customer service telephone number! Only for United States! I not only had to contact the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission as well as my local Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department of outright fraud see more abuse by a online scam artist seeking to glean money from potential victims with highly sophisticated romance schemes that to an average eye would go undetected unless serious damages ensued.

My first experience out of the starting gate with Match. For it was there that I could ascertain that his story did not add up for he had written both that his father had passed away and yet he was waiting for his father to pass away both in his letters. He verified on the phone that both of his parent had passed and that his father was in the United States Air Force. This is cogent to the financial romance scheme that undoubtedly he was after because he said upon his father's death he would inherit a gold mine of diamonds and gold to "be able to share with his forever companion," on the Match.

As if this was not enough, with him demanding to see me in person, he stated he did not have a camera phone but was wealthy. I wish I was kidding but I am not. It was obvious the man was pressing to meet me in person for the very least of which was to gain access to my credit cards, or worst yet, something more nefarious.

It was a romance scam of the highest order and if I had not been paying astute attention to literally everything he wrote and said, I myself would have wound up another one of his What Can You Do With A Free Match Com Account, no doubt. I am writing this not only to warn other potential users of match.

If calling the FBI and reporting this to the federal trade commission is not enough I will be sure to keep this in mind if I ever meet members of congress or the president himself to see that match. After several emails and even a few phone calls, not one representative can answer a basic account question. They keep telling me they will "escalate" the issue, and then the see more representative does the same.

Complete waste of money. I signed up and within a few days I knew this was a waste of time. They will not give any kind of refund at all. Even tried to cancel with credit card. Of all the dating sites the web has to offer, I just HAD to pick match. A blunder that cost me big time! My rent was due, so I picked the middle package for 6 months cheapest and they wrote it was payable month by month.

What Can You Do With A Free Match Com Account

I contacted them by 'chat' and was told by Diadna, to the effect, 'tough, you play, you pay' and I would be there for one, entire year! This has me tearing out my hair!!! My rental place has a rule I had a knee replacement last May, then gained go here, such that any far walking will put me in such pain!

The 'matches' are not a dream come true! They are ugly and toothless and miles from where I requested them to originate. Oh give me a lawyer now!!! Moving to a city I knew nobody, I decided to give it a try.

What Can You Do With A Free Match Com Account

Very stupid of me, because they were rated F by the Better Business Bureau at the time. I was so overwhelmed by fake profiles popping up to "chat," that the site was completely unusable. I got nothing but the runaround like a total scam by their non-existent customer service. After months of ignoring the BBB complaint I filed, they promised me a full refund, document attached.

Then they did the same thing, as the BBB who has now taken away their accreditation, making it an F- is continue reading new rating.

I have an e-mail tracker, so after asking for my address "within 30 days, check is in the mail.

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They are absolute frauds. I hope they do sue me, as over 35, hours of civil fraud practice, I would very much enjoy bankrupting them in a class action and disbursing their money among those who they have ripped off. They are despicable deceitful, lying frauds. I hope I did not mince words. They are nasty people who do NOT respond to problems with their site, and who will not hesitate to rip you off. And the best part? They will deluge you with false communications until you actually pay.

Then, once you pay, all of a sudden, it dries up like the desert I tried to communicate with them and they shut off my account. I couldn't even get in there to stop the auto pay, so had to go through my credit card company to cut THEM off because they kept taking my money even after I wrote to them to formally cancel. They made my blood boil and hopefully reading this will prevent yours from boiling.

My profile was hacked and my password and profile was changed and I had no control. The person sent messages to dozens of people I would never contact defaming my profile. Match could not stop it over the weekend because there is no customer service available on weekends. I never got a refund This is terrible and What Can You Do With A Free Match Com Account have heard others experience the same.

They automatically sign members for auto renewal, and charge Credit Card without notification, even though I cancel my membership, online, last June.

This is not the first time I have fallen a victim of Match. Here have been on Match. My biggest complaint that I just figured out is the number of fake profiles I am given in my daily feed or fake profiles that have "liked me" or made me their "favorite".

The photos in the fake profiles are way too perfect, they are rarely or never online and of the small handful of messages I have sent to anyone on Match, a third are fake profiles. In my "sent" messages folder it advises me that the messages have "not yet been read" and I also received within a couple of days 2 different profiles, 2 different screen names and 2 model gorgeous photos of the same guy!

Come on Match, you can do better than that!! I have no plans to renew and if this is what online dating looks like, I'm out. All I got was creepy old men trying to talk to me - they were literally my father's age.

Some normal run of the mill losers my age.