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I'm a pisces male currently dating (although its almost over) an Aquarian female. She's been pulling away for a while now - no doubt as a precursor to breaking up for good even though I was a good bf to her for most of that time, and during the first year it was a fairly "hot" relationship despite the distance. Pisces female here In an odd relationship with an Aquarian male, 15 odd years later on account that I get pregnant. Oh he was excited, I was scared. Then he made me feel confident that we could make things work In the long run. He vanished for two weeks. Turns out he's been a cheat since. We've broke up many times. 17 Jan Fortunately, however, what does exist is the Gypsy recipe for seduction and break-up that targets victims of each zodiac sign. Start familiarizing yourself with these Gypsy Aquarius Woman and Pisces Man Aquarius woman and Piscean Man would not be able to enjoy a sustained or long-term relationship.

He likes to do things differently, and she is open to suggestion. He can teach her to be more fixed with her boundaries, or at least look out for her. He can be too distant, too cool and too slow moving at first. Either she will reflect this behaviour or she will this web page away in alarm. He will also need to look past her sweet outer persona and be more assertive as time goes on, Aquarius Man Pisces Woman Break Up they can lose respect.

Against some of their more common stereotypes, Pisces and Aquarius can actually work very well. Their energy often trades places as they go along. Pisces Woman and Aqua rius Man surprise everyone to make a good connection on many levels, as long as they are willing to put in the communication work needed between Air and Water signs. Aquarius Man is fundamentally buoyant and comes off as intense in his manner, whether it be intensely focused in the moment or intensely taking up with far off thoughts elsewhere.

For all his eccentricity as a man apart, once he is in a relationship he is remarkably Aquarius Man Pisces Woman Break Up and intends to follow through his commitment until the end.

He also protects the woman he loves with unmatched passion and a protective nature that even surprises himself. If he knows himself in this way, he will reason it is wise to take his time before loving a woman. His slow and distant manner in getting to know her may mean Aquarius and Pisces can make great friends but she will grow alarmed as to whether he can really match her desire for an emotional connection when she mistakenly believes he is dragging his feet.

The hypersensitive and emotionally open nature of Pisces Woman results in low boundaries and accepting a lot of pain in dashed dreams during her lifetime. It would be a mistake to doubt Aquarius Man though, as her zodiac neighbour who may possess many of the perceptive thoughts and feelings she holds about the world — and the words to help her express them too! He simply has to provide her with good company by speaking up on how he feels in the moment.

They both have extraordinary, unusual and sometimes morbid thoughts about life but can find great acceptance and companionship in sharing with one another. Aquarius Man eventually grows to accept just how much he likes the feminine, delicate nature of Pisces in his presence.

It will surprise him in bringing out the consistent, alpha male streak out of the usually androgynous Aquarius. His more fixed nature becomes this web page and he will need to exert this assertiveness in reassuring her that he can maintain boundaries and their relationship for the both of them.

Meanwhile she is happy to take a supportive, listening role to provide him with direction — all this simply by being herself. They will simply have to remember to communicate their needs and fears in practical terms.

With practicality in their bond, she will she that he does not hesitate in loving her unconditionally and consistently once he understands the fluctuations in her emotions are not a threat. He will not swim away, and he can also protect her from outside interference or harm like an archetypal man. This stronger bond growing between them makes for a great sex life where different heights can be scaled even further.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

Aquarius is known for kink and unusual demands or sexual experimentation and Pisces Woman, when in love, is happy to oblige and reciprocate with truly any request. Pisces Woman and Aquarius Man can build a very far reaching, creative and dreamy life between them.

They excel in emotion, thoughts and applying their giving nature to universal concerns. It is not unusual for the 11th and 12th house of the zodiac to share energy between them with the tables turning many times in the relationship and the shoe winding up on the other foot.

Aquarius Man Pisces Woman Break Up

Consistent verbal communication and quality time will save them from misunderstanding one another along the road. Click below to get yours. He is the best! I found it very comforting to talk and open up to him and it kinda frustrates me how aquarians take a very long time to open up and talk about personal things even that they have trusted us enough.

This aquarian guy will be the death of me. We have kids together so its far more irritating than how it began but he is a good partner for me.

But I am trying.

He laughs and kisses me. So, I was stupid, and instead of just confronting him in a calm non-finger-pointing manner - I emailed her. I started to put pressure on him to make a commitment to me, and another issue is he has a problem with intimacy and sex at first I thought it was me, but its not but its has still caused problems I have made him feel bad because of the lack of sex.

This is the biggest test for Pisces. We usually would run from a situation like this but I have learned patience and politeness. I can see that he possesses key traits that will make him devoted, loving, and protective.

I sent a very nasty text a few days later to whichhe responded with he will support me but only for the child's sake but wouldnever want to work things out. Every time I mention us slowing things down, due to the fact that he is oh so busy, He clings tighter. She'll have to feel like telling you will actually help thesituation, that you'll be open and supportive, and that you won't Immediatelyjump to solve whatever problem she's encountered. Im an overly sensative pisces and im just not getting what i need. Visitor experiences and questions on Aquarius man Pisces woman relationships.

So I am trying. Hold on to those emotions girls. Everything is going to be ok.

Aquarius Man Pisces Woman Break Up

It great to see a Aquarius men explain why he act like that. It give me even more hope to be patient with him.

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Tell him how you feel. My Aquarius male best friend knows that I need romance. Him and I are still friends, but we have hopes for being something more one day.

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Can it work between Pisces Woman and Aquarius Man? Notify of new replies to this note. December 28, 2: May 6, 9: June 9, 6: Very interesting article; pretty spot on about many qualities in myself. November 23, 7: November 27, 3: The first fue years it was great he was romantic the sex was amazing. Its making me crazy. December 15, December 16, 6: