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Sometimes our dreams are silly and far-fetched, other times they're fearful or disturbing. Maybe you dream the same dream over and over again.

Some people claim they can't remember their dreams. We need to dream. Dreams come from our subconscious minds and we can learn a lot about ourselves by analyzing them. They force us to see things that we do not want to deal with and they can help us remember something we couldn't remember when awake.

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There is meaning to every dream, and the most preposterous have meaning. Some famous writers were inspired by dreams. Frankenstein came to author Mary Shelley in a dream. Robert Louis Stevenson dreamed of Dr. Hyde before ever writing them on paper. Sometimes, the stories we tell ourselves while we're sleeping can be psychic in nature.

These are known as prophetic dreams. The meanings of common dream symbols vary from person to person. When interpreting your dream, keep in mind the setting, characters, and other symbols, as this will help you get a better understanding.

These meanings are very general. Use this guide but also take note of the feelings you are experiencing during your dream and when you wake up. You should also take into consideration what is going on in your life. Example, the dream meaning of being pregnant would not apply if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives. Scientists have been studying dreams for decades now, but we still aren't sure how and why we dream. Here are a few of the theories:. A recurring dream, one that keeps coming back to you, can be disturbing. You may have it a few times a month or more frequently.

It may be accompanied by a sense of urgency or a negative feeling. Think about what is going on in your life.

Have you had a trauma or are you in a transitional period? Maybe there is something big and upsetting that you cannot bring yourself to think about during your waking hours. A recurring dream will not stop until you face whatever it is that is happening in your life.

You know deep down that whatever is happening to cause them needs to be addressed. It may help to start keeping a journal. Before going to bed, write down events of the day.

When you wake up, record your dream. You may see a pattern. You dream every night. People who say they don't just can't remember. As the day goes on, you remember less and less, too.

If you want to remember your dreams, you must actively pursue them. Before you fall asleep, make a conscious effort to remember when you wake up. Be sure Dating Me Is Like Im Awake Give Me Attention keep a pad of paper and a pen on your nightstand. The minute you wake up, write your dream down.

Dating Me Is Like Im Awake Give Me Attention

Even if you don't remember the first time, don't give up. You will eventually start remembering. Studies show that we dream more during the REM stage of sleep, and if you wake up during or just after this stage, dreams are more easily remembered.

So if you're an extremely sound sleeper, your dreams may fade by the morning, while a light sleeper may awaken many times during the night and therefore have more access to fresher dreams.

Throughout history, people have claimed to have seen visions or a prophecies while sleeping. There is no scientific evidence to back this up, however a lot of people have claim that it has happened to them.

Dating Me Is Like Im Awake Give Me Attention

Dreams that are prophetic article source lack symbols and seem very real to the dreamer. It could be the person dreamed of the event before it took place. Once you start understanding your dreams, things in life will begin to make more sense.

You will begin to gain more self knowledge and start confronting your feelings. As you tap into your subconscious mind, you may discover talents, fears, and desires you never knew you had. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. So I've been having the same dream every time I close my eyes and fall asleep. It starts of as me n my parents in a car on our way to pa but then Dating Me Is Like Im Awake Give Me Attention switches to me in a bedroom with this dark shadowy figure.

And after all that he lets go n I lay there n don't move. I don't know wat happens after cause I wake up. Can you please help me make sense of this dream? Ok my second dream is kinda weird but what happens is someone is chasing me and i dont know who it is all i know is that if is if i stop i get hurt by him and hes screaming behind me telling me not to tell and then i have this dog that follows me around when im running. Do you know what this means? Ok well i was driving on a bridge with my mom in the passenger seat.

I had a dream about a woman telling me that its time for me to have a baby,what does it mean? I had a dream about me and my boyfriend,we were in the car and he ws driving then while he was driving he saw this other woman walking on the side of the road then he stoped looking where we were going and stared at the woman.

I tried to make him focus on the way but didn't stop looking at that woman then i took control of the wheel and drived i told him to get out of the car and go to that woman because i dont know why is he staring at her while am next to hm,suddenly he was out of the car i didn't know how he got out then i left him there,just when i reached some shopping complex he was behind me,he ran after me and got there jst when i arrived.

There after we were just chilling, two stranger males came to us raping Dating Me Is Like Im Awake Give Me Attention something i didn't even understand then one of them asked my boyfriend a question,my boyfriend answered him. The other guy came asked me a question and i couldn't answer him then my boyfriend just answered for me. What does this mean?


I had dreams like that about Brad Pitt when he was younger! Gosh I wish those dreams come true. It could be that you really have a crush on him, or because he is so famous, you may be craving attention. There is a very slight chance your dream may be telling you the future.

Pay Attention to Your Feelings

It really happens sometimes but it's here, really, really rare. If you suspect it's one of those dreams, there would not be a whole lot of symbols in your dream.

The dream would feel very real, take place in a realistic setting and upon waking up you would feel a bit shaken up.

Without knowing a lot of details about your husband's stay in jail, I can only assume that you are worried about him or because he is gone, he may seem dead to you. I'm sorry to hear that he is in jail and hope things get better for you both.

The fact that your dream is recurring means you need to pay attention and take action. What's going on in your boyfriend's life? Is he involved in any dangerous activities or Dating Me Is Like Im Awake Give Me Attention that you to worry excessively about him?

Are you having relationship problems? You need to take a closer look at what's happening in your relationship. To shoot and kill someone can signify killing a certain aspect about that person. Perhaps there is a habit or a part of your boyfriend that you don't like and want to 'get rid' of. There are various possibilities to interpretations. Hope this helped a bit. I keep had a dream that my boyfriend was shot multiple times and died right in front of me so when I woke up I stayed awake for a few minutes than went right back to sleep.

I woke up 3 other times that same day from the exact same dream. I got so worried I called the facility to see if he was okk! It's just your fears, don't worry your dream won't come true as long as you are responsible about sex.

Hi I keep having a dream where when I have sex I get pregnant but I don't give birth the dream ends after, I'm still a virgin and I'm scared that when I do have sex it'll turn out like my dream.

He told you his friend said that to make you feel even worse, so that he can use it against you. Ariel white March 13,4: So there is these 2 boys who are besties and i like one riley and the other likes me dom i cant ask out riley without dom feeling hurt and if dom gets upset then riley will not want to be with me and i dont know if riley likes me i think he does. Never blame the victim because this is not a situation where anything the victim does contributes to the actions of the abuser. Nicki April 17,6:

Ive been having this same dream over and over again. It's pretty much a zombie apocalypse in our world.

Karis August 4,5: Private June 21,4: I knew some of these things from the beginning- some of these things were things I loved about him. You can be free from the attacks and the put downs.

When it first starts out I give this butcher some type of gift tht my parents told me to give to him. Then all the zombies are left loose and I'm running for my life the opposite way sometimes I run right towards them. I escape and at this hotel kind of place. It has Indivisual apartments and two of my friends are in the one. In the ajacent apartment a lady that is turnIng into a zombie is singing in this really good voice.

I keep hitting her since she's turning into a zombie but she keeps singing. Finally she dies and I go into my friends apartment place and I walk up the stairs and when I walk back down there's everyone Ik from school there.