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How To Stop Feeling Needy

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24 Dec Worried that your needy behavior is spoiling the fun in your relationship? Here are 15 useful ways to stop being needy and have a happy relationship. Does your boyfriend think you're needy? Find out just how needy you are, and use these 9 ways to stop being needy and insecure in your relationship. Neediness in relationships can kill your intimacy, your happiness, and your sanity . In fact, I'd say most men who are being needy in a relationship (or in general) don't know they're being needy — or how they're needy, which can be even trickier to spot. If you keep bailing at the last minute, ask yourself why this is.

How To Stop Being Needy In A Relationship

Too much 'neediness' can have negative consequences. We are all emotionally needy to some degree in relationships — meaning simply that, during a difficult time, we need more emotional support than usual. We all long to be understood, supported, loved, and accepted. It's when you find that you are emotionally needy that takes a toll on relationships and has consequences.

9 Effective Ways to Stop Being So Needy and Insecure

Yet, being overly emotionally needy — too demanding, clingy, annoying, fragile — can spell disaster for your relationship. How we go about expressing our needs has a lot to do with our personality and our attachment style — our style based on how we learned to relate to our parents and how emotionally available they were Secure people present themselves as warm and loving and were most likely raised with caregivers that were consistently caring and responsive.

Getting to spend some time alone helps you to enjoy your own company. Do anything that brings you joy and makes you happy. I will definitely try to do some of the things recommended, as I have nothing to lose. His company, The Art of Charm, is a leading training facility for top performers that want to overcome social anxiety, develop social capital and build relationships of the highest quality. Our final thought is a question only you will be able to answer:

Avoidant people often come across as dismissive, often minimize closeness and were raised in an environment that was less emotional and one in which insecurity and neediness were not tolerated. Some of the key characteristics are:. However, this often leaves their partner emotionally tapped out and overwhelmed by their neediness. They are worn out. And yet, anxious people do the very thing they fear the most will happen — they push their partner away.

Their behaviors are counterproductive, yet hard to stop doing in the moment.

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For the other person, there is nothing they can do to help this person. You cannot encourage growth, compliment them, or reassure them — enough. Do you look to your partner to fulfill all your needs in love, sexand support? Do you look to your partner for constant reassurance and validation? And even if you get it, do depend on it all the time? Do you feel abandoned if your partner is not available?

How To Stop Being Needy. Why Neediness Is The Mother Of All F*ck Ups And How To Avoid That Mind Set

Are you afraid your partner will not be there for you? If you are alone, do you do things to fill the void with other distractions? Is it difficult to be alone? Is your relationship the center of your universe? What about your relationship with other friends or family? Awareness is the first step to recognizing there is a problem with how you relate to others and the increase in anxiety and anxious feelings relationships bring out in you.

Begin to explore your anxious attachment style and start addressing how you can become less needy and clingy.

How To Stop Being Needy In A Relationship

Learn to connect the dots and understand what it is about your attachment style and upbringing that creates the neediness in your relationship. This will help you recognize unhealthy relationship patterns. Learn to sit with your anxiety and the uncertainties of life.

Accept how you feel and don't pass judgment on yourself.

Or, maybe you were a reactive child who often took things the wrong way. It might seem that when you agree you might be getting a lot of affection from your partner but that is not good in the long run. There are tons of ways you can set up a limit: Call other people once in a while.

Life is full of shades of gray, uncertainty, and unanswered questions. Uncertainty can also be an instigator for change. They will feel overwhelmed and start to do things that back them out of the relationship. Simply force yourself to back off in order to give both of you some space. Space in a relationship is key to long term success. If you struggle with being needy, odds are you probably lack self-esteem.

Engage in activities that are healthy for you and learn to feel more secure and confident. It is our responsibility to do that for ourselves.

Neediness is often associated with not trusting in others and often a fear of abandonment. Do you feel abandoned? Trusting that it's okay to feel insecure in one another, but also asking yourself why you don't trust the other person, is key.

True non-neediness begins link you stop depending on others to take care of you and seeking fulfillment externally — because doing this, only creates a black hole of never having enough. Ask yourself, what do I need to do to become more self-reliant and independent? What changes do I need to make to get me to a better and healthier place?

Making these changes in your life will help you get to the place you want be!

You will find yourself in a healthier relationship! Do any of these characteristic resonate with you? What types of changes will you need to start becoming the strong individual that you know you can be, the person that you want to be. This article was originally published at http: Reprinted with permission from the author. Click to view 20 images.

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