My Ex-girlfriend Is Dating Her Ex-boyfriend. Cleveland Hookup!

Is Her Dating Ex-boyfriend My Ex-girlfriend

She Slept With Her Ex!

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3 Nov It seems to me that your ex-girlfriend (though is she really yet your ex if she keeps texting and being in touch with you?) is one who is in the latter camp. She breaks up with her ex and, presumably, feels great about it. She starts seeing you, but, because she hasn't seen her old boyfriend for a few months. 10 Jun I had my initial suspicion as i heard her ex boyfriend was back in town. But i trusted her not to fall back for him (what a stupid fool i was). I asked her close friend (my best friend's fiance) and she assured me she wasnt dating anyone. So fast forward to the 21st of May, i returned back and set a date to meet. Me and my most recent gf, she did that to me 2 weeks after we met. We broke up over a stupid little fight and she went back to her ex and said she "loved" him 1 week later she calls me and shes like oh we dont have the same feelings for each other anymore than me and her date for 7 months after that.

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Just curious how often this happens Last edited by snizzle77; at Originally Posted by snizzle Me and my most recent gf, she did that to me 2 weeks after we met. We broke up over a stupid little fight and she went back to her ex and said she "loved" him 1 week later she calls me and shes like oh we dont have the same feelings for each other anymore than me and her date for 7 months after that.

Found out she kept trying to talk to him he told me and its basically she My Ex-girlfriend Is Dating Her Ex-boyfriend trying to keep both of us on the side. Girl broke up with her bf of 3 years. We date for three months. We breakup, she immediately moves on to another bouncer at a different bar.

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Watch as she eventually goes back to her ex. Right now she's in the "mandatory slut phase" dating all the bad-boy types, before going back and settling down with the comfortable, nice guy: Sad cycle of truth. Yes and it's funny you asked that, because this just happened to me, however she's been with him for six years, and she was using him for money while still dating me I however did things to push her away so she reverted back to him, most likely she will break up with him and make up with him, a vicious never ending cycle with no end indeed Originally Posted by robisclutch.

Has happened to me, girl broke up with the boyfriend for me, then a month later was back with him. Lol she was a crazy one. Originally Posted by No1DraftPick. Dated a few weeks, girl told me how her ex boyfriend abused her and stuff, then one day I look at her phone and she texted 1, "I love yous" to her ex that day bish was crazy and broke it off right there.

Same thing happening to me, my now exgirlfriend was being called a slut by her ex, now she wants him back. Went out with her for 2 months, what a waste of time. Canadian Crew - Turkish Crew.

My Ex-girlfriend Is Dating Her Ex-boyfriend

They phuck other guys. They date other guys. They speak to other guys.

My Ex-girlfriend Is Dating Her Ex-boyfriend

But if they really love their ex they will go back time and time again. They can't deal with being alone and sad about the situation so they sloot it up every time. My ex did it to me.

They lasted 1 month lol. I thought i moved in too fast and she set up walls as she had been heart torn apart before. Ex Boyfriend has a new Girlfriend. Originally Posted by Biccaroo.

She ended it with me the first time round and dated some kunt from her work for nearly a year. Turns out the whole year she was missing me and kept telling her parents that. Eventually she messaged me after 1 year of NC.

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Visit web page forward 10 months and she lied to me again and no doubt will have My Ex-girlfriend Is Dating Her Ex-boyfriend guy in a week or 2. Broke up with me for her ex saying he changed Girls don't know what they want, move on don't look back Plenty of girls. Originally Posted by thezacriley. My girlfriend of 2 months who ive been looking at apartments with and everything.

My ex broke up with me after 1 year to go back to her ex who cheated on her, hes fat, hes ugly, and hes a pothead and a dealer with no future aspects at all.

They lasted 1 month lol. Didnt wanna ever go to the beach or do summer activities with me and my friends I agreed was getting annoying with her. So we broke up and both agreed. Funny thing is the day I asked her out she told me how chitty his personality is and how ugly he was lmao.

Reader dilemma: My girlfriend wasn't over her ex - so she dumped me

I will never understand woman. Fortunately for me I didnt suffer any depression She did you a favor. Girl that was going out with her ex for 4 years started messibg around with me.

She eventually cheated on him with me, and weve kept a fwb thing going on. Now 3 months later shes telling me shes getting feelings for him again and misses him lol. I thought about pursuing a relationship with her but im glad i didnt.

Guess ill just keep her as a fwb.

About 3 months ago she tried to friend me on facebook and texted me trying to talk, I denied both and ignored her. I'm glad to read you do not want her back wayne Sara Neill by email You need this break When she broke up with her ex, no doubt your girlfriend was advised by her friends to go out and meet someone else. She smiles to herself or spends time by herself, and wants her space. All text shared under a Creative Commons License.

They wont last, especially since shes already cheated on him. Had this happen as well. Girl was supposed to be one of those sweet, kind of religious girl too. Thought she was a keeper, until she got back with her ex behind my back. The sad part about this all is that her and the ex-boyfriend have broken up like 10 times over 2 years. The guy sounds like a douchebag in all honesty, with nothing special to offer from what I can understand.

He took her virginity away, so now she is an ultra clinger on to him. Not my problem anymore though. I can do much better than this web page anyways. Originally Posted by brickcity The Ageless Wonder Crew: Originally Posted by xdud3. Tbh you dodged a bullet here, u should feel good about it. I just come on the computer to send my ex an email. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.