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19 Jan I never knew someone could actually steal my heart and make it his, but I guess I was wrong because you have it and I'm glad its you . I love how you think I'm cute when I cry; I love how you bring out the best in me; I love how you got my hooked on doing 3 of everything; I love how you taught me to love. 15 Aug Ladies, never feel slighted on intimidated when your guy holds the door open for another lady. This should make you smile to know that you have a gentleman. Showing basic consideration to everyone should be of value to you. Now you can text or read these love paragraphs to say to your boyfriend after. 50 Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend To Make Him Cry – Cute Love Texts. Every Women and Girls wants to feel special,also want to Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend and to make your Boyfriend feel special. Find this . Introducing our love experiment for February as well as our 14 days of love letters challenge.

This little love letter is to my sweet boyfriend. I don't mind if you guys read it but please do not steal my work. When I first met you I knew in my heart that you would always mean something to me.

Big surprise to me that you would actually mean this much to me. I want to express to you in some way how much you mean to me, and the only way I know I can is to write it. In this little letter I will express the best I can how much you mean to me. When we were just friends I cared about you in a way that was way more than I cared for any friend.

I knew that deep inside of me I had some kind of love for you. I could always come to you when I thought Read more couldn't come to anyone else.

You make me feel like I actually meant something. You are my best friend.

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Before you were my boyfriend you were my best friend. Talking to me every hour of everyday and making me so very special.

Paragraphs For Him To Make Him Cry

I sit here writing I am crying realizing such how much you truly mean to me. I smile every time someone ask me about us or just you. I love telling everyone how you are or how we are as a couple. Not every time am I extremely happy with our relationship but I always end up smiling. After so many years you could say you make me the happiest.

Please feel free to share more of our thoughts and feelings in the future. Skip to content These are Love letter ideas for composing romantic letters to your boyfriend that will make him cry. Loving you is the only thing that makes life worth living.

Every time I think of a memory we share I can't keep the butterflies out of my stomach. I know that sounds so story book but when you are in love it becomes like a story. Ours just has a bit of a unique twist to it. You could say it was perfect in a imperfect kind of way. With every laugh and smile we share together my love for you grows stronger.

Even though we fight sometimes and I want to just pull out my hair in the end all I want is you.

Paragraphs For Him To Make Him Cry

You make me scream, shout, laugh, sing, and cry but I will always love you. You will always be my first love. For that I am truly grateful for having such an amazing boyfriend in my life. Someone I can lean on and be my shoulder to cry on. I can always look to you to make me smile on my worse days.

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You have seen me when I looked like a homeless person but you have also seen when I actually try to look good. You have seen me doubled over in laughter but you have also seen me sobbing heavily.

You have been there for it all. Your kisses send mega fireworks off into my stomach.

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Your hugs make me feel safe and out of all harm. Your smile gives me butterflies in the worst way. Your laugh makes me laugh even when I want to cry. Even when you drive me insane I love you. You make everything better and show me that true love is real. Thank you for everything my sweet, handsome, loving boyfriend.

Password reset email has been sent! Now and forever my heart will always remain in love with you because baby, you are the best. I am so glad that you belong to me, despite my jealous attitude towards other women; you never get tired of me rather you can calm me down singing the best songs of love for into my ears.

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