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This Is The Kind Of Guy I Want To Date In 2017

13 Aug Love and marriage are special, so the man you marry should be, too. You know you've found someone special when you've found the kind of man who has some , all, or most of the qualities on this list. 1. He makes you He treats you like a queen and does everything he can to make you happy. 3. You're. 27 Feb Do you fit the description? Discover 5 types of men that women really want to date. 18 Sep What man is part of your master plan?.

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The Dangers of Workplace Stress. The Secret Online Language of Parents. How to Reduce the Chaos at Home. Are You Headed for a Stroke? Are you attracted to the kind of guy that seems to be Mr. Right, then turns out to be all wrong? The problem has less to do with who you are than the messages you are sending. Take this quiz to find out this potentially life-changing question: What kind of man do I attract?

How do you see yourself? Please select an option. How do you feel about love and marriage? Where do you usually want to go on a date? Where do you like to meet men you would date? If you invited a man to your place, what would he find there? When you look at a man, what do you notice first?

How do you dress when you go out? Which of these men would you be attracted to? What attracts you to a man enough to say yes to a date? Which obviously single man would you most likely initiate a conversation go here After a first date, what will you tell your BFF about him? What do you hope your new date's home looks like?

What would make you refuse a second date?

What Type Of Guy Do You Attract?

How do your friends describe you? Which date activity would you prefer? What do you ask first when your BFF arranges a blind date?

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Your interest in a man rises if he first introduces you to his: How do you dress? What type of vehicle do you hope your new date drives?

Which movie star from the past do you like a date to remind you of? Which of the following sounds like the most fun? How would your family describe you? When a guy you just met asks you out, what makes you say yes? What do you wear when a date asks you The Type Of Guy I Want go to an outdoor concert?

Which current movie star would you like a date to remind you of? Here's how everyone else voted:. I feel good about myself. I'm waiting for my knight in shining armor. I'll never find love, much less marriage. To quote Tina Turner, "What's love got to do with it? I want my husband to be my best friend. The theater for a Broadway play. A bar or favorite watering hole. Isn't that the whole point of meeting a man? When we're both comfortable with it.

How do you dress? He'd take me in his arm, kiss me and put on He makes me a cup of hot cocoa, doesn't say anything and just listen to me ramble on and on about. He dresses sharp, talks slick and has the perfectly coiffed looks of a man straight out of a lad mag.

When he buys me an expensive gift. An "I didn't have time to wash the dishes" place. A neat, tidy home. His clothes and hands. His butt and physique. His face and eyes. His smile and voice. I dress in sexy, expensive clothes. I wear comfortable, color-coordinated clothes.

I throw on whatever is available. I wear flattering clothes. A coach for Little League. Anyone who looks at me twice. The guy reading a newspaper on the park bench. He has to be gorgeous. He has to be a man of honor. He has to have a brain in his head. A man sitting on the next barstool. A man wearing business casual attire at a professional conference.

A man riding up on a Harley who gives you a wolf whistle and the once-over. A well-dressed man at an art gallery opening. Anything, including knowing where he hangs out and arranging to be there, looking fabulous and ready for fun. Dress to get his attention and then have someone introduce you.

Catch his eye, then walk up to him and introduce yourself. A comfortable bungalow or ranch-style home with a big back yard. A huge mansion — or at least a mini-mansion — in a gated community. Who needs a home? Dates are too hard to get. He talks too much about his ex.

Breast Cancer Questions for Your Doctor. You don't have to be "on" around him. Women's magazines slip us the kind of information that we wouldn't find elsewhere; they reveal a female perspective that most men just aren't privy to. Go home and cry, our relationship clearly doesn't mean anything to him: A Women's Health Website.

Mismatched, practical and a bit cluttered. Elegant, spotless and full of delicate antiques. Comfy chairs and couch with side tables everywhere.

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High-end and modern, with lots of shelves for books and collectibles. Snuggling on the couch to watch a movie. Sky-diving or riding a motorcycle. Dinner and a movie or theater event.

The Type Of Guy I Want

Black-tie cocktail party fundraiser for a worthy cause. Does he have a great career? Is he a bad-boy type? Business casual but sexy. Designer jeans and a sexy top. A little black dress and high-end jewelry. Probably jeans and a T-shirt. A limo or town car.

The Type Of Guy I Want

A sports car or luxury SUV. A motorcycle or classic car. Zooming down the highway on a motorcycle to eat at a fun diner.