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How to Upload Videos from iPhone to Facebook on iOS 8

Upload With Facebook App

There are two easy ways to upload iPhone photos to Facebook. If you are on the go and want to load a picture or two from your iPhone, you can do this using. 25 May When you upload photos with your Android or iPhone, snapshots are placed in the "Mobile Uploads" album in your Facebook profile. But what if you want to put them in a specific album? Here's how. 31 Mar With iOS 8, you don't need to install any apps to upload a photo to Facebook -- the system has Facebook sharing built in. If you do have the Facebook app, upload your picture from within the app for a few additional features, such as adding stickers to the image.

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Yes, I read the article. You can make a slide show on the app and upload it to Facebook. Select the photo you want added to Facebook. Thanks, we'll use your feedback to improve this article!

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How to Upload HD Photos and Videos to Facebook from iPhone

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How to Post Pictures to Facebook From an iPhone

Asked about 3 years ago by Dinahlee Galea. If you can't do it using the Facebook app on your iPhone, you may still be able to use the photos app instead. So long as you're logged into Facebook in your phone's settings as well as the Facebook app.

Upload Photos To Facebook From Iphone

So, if you're viewing a photo in pictures app, tap on it and you'll see a box with an arrow pointing away from it. I called Apple, as a last resort Apple suggested backing up my data on Icloud or Itunes, do a restore and reinstall the phone's software. I did all that and hav This problem has been gone on for months from countless customers and Apple still has not figured it out.

Upload Photos To Facebook From Iphone

Since Apple has not fixed the problem, I will be purchasing a new phone from one of their competitors. Rumor is Samsung Galaxy S7 comes out next month.

Open the Facebook app by tapping the app icon see above. Tap "Where was this taken? Help answer questions Learn more. Was this information helpful? To take a photo, tap the large circle at the bottom-center of the screen.

I had been uploading them from Photos on my iPhone, not the FB app on my phone. When I tried the app, it worked. But earlier I didn't need to use the app Was this information helpful?

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