What Is Home Depot Policy On Veterans Discount. Better Than Craigslist Hookup!

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Veteran says he was denied Home Depot discount because he was not disabled Coupon Codes

Military discounts are available for both Home Depot and Lowe's, however there are a few stipulations to their policies. Gift Card Granny researched these programs and the necessary qualifications to receive the savings. The details have been verified with a Lowe's and Home Depot customer service representative. Lowe's. ****UPDATE TO HOME DEPOT'S POLICY AT THE BOTTOM OF ARTICLE****. So we have been hearing that there seems to be a lot of confusion concerning Military discounts offered by Home Depot and Lowe's. Seems you ask two people and you will get two different answers to the question. So we did a little research . 27 Jun Many companies show their appreciation for current and former members of the military by offering special sales around holidays — like Veterans Day, Memorial Day or Independence Day — to remember those who served. But some retailers — like Home Depot — go above and beyond, honoring veterans.

While the title of this article sounds like I got screwed over as a Veteran at Home Depot, quite the opposite is true.

What Is Home Depot Policy On Veterans Discount

On the other hand, when something breaks, which it always does when you own your own home, you wind up at your local home improvement store covered in dirt and grime. You walk up and down multiple isles as fast as possible trying to find the repair part you need. I digress, back to the ID situation. Anyhow, I went through TAPs Transitional Assistance Program during my out processing, where they go through all the Veterans benefits available to you after being separated.

This is done continue reading ensure you have a local VA to go to for checkup appointments, etc.

I mention all this to say again that I was in the system. Apart from attending my regularly required appointments, I really never had a reason to visit the VA What Is Home Depot Policy On Veterans Discount medical care. This included a document to download, complete and bring down to your local VA when applying.

Maybe, but never easy. I stopped by the information desk and inquired read more where I needed to go to apply for an ID, luckily it was within 10 yards of the information desk, so no big deal.

I glanced at the waiting area and only saw three people sitting there. Relieved, I was handed an electronic link puck like you get at a restaurant.

I quickly realized the puck had a label maker number on it and it was non-functioning. Regardless, I took a seat and hoped it would be a quick process.

I spied another employee with a clipboard speaking with two of the three people ahead of me and realized they were together. Only two people were ahead of me now. The woman with the clipboard moved over to the other gentleman sitting down waiting and I overheard her ask him for the number on the electronic puck.

Something I remember from my service was Hurry Up and Wait! Thanks for the update on HomeDepot, now how about Lowes??? I prefer to give my business to the local True Value who is an independent merchant trying to survive. After looking over my paperwork and getting help with how to enter the correct number from my voter registration card into the system, the man helping me said.

The clipboard employee worked her way back over to the group of us, which had now grown to another three people that had come in after me. She stopped at one of these people and ran through her questions again with them.

After a grand total of 50 minutes since my arrival, I was finally called up. I presented the paperwork to apply for my ID and I was asked if I was in the system. I let her know that there must be some mistake. Please fill out this form and we can get you entered. However, she told me she also needed a copy What Is Home Depot Policy On Veterans Discount my DD before she could finish entering me into the system.

So let me get this straight, I told her. I left the VA, drove home, grabbed a copy of my DD, drove back, go here another non-functioning electronic number, took a seat and waited to be called up again. Now 3 hours into the process, including drive time, I visited the lone open window again.

What Is Home Depot Policy On Veterans Discount

I just need an ID. She quickly reminded me that it was two continue reading. The first was blood work that would have to be done at least a week in advance of the next appointment, which was an initial visit with a primary care provider. A third appointment had now been added that I never scheduled.

This was a patient information class that would What Is Home Depot Policy On Veterans Discount introduce me to my local VA. This was of course scheduled at an inconvenient time and would need to be changed.

I looked through my paperwork and found a phone number for my local VA to call to change this date. After about 45 minutes of getting transferred and lost in phone queue hell, I abandoned my quest. If you are scheduled for fasting labs, nothing to eat or drink for at least 8 hours prior to these tests. The day before my appointment I What Is Home Depot Policy On Veterans Discount a nice call from a VA employee reminding me of said appointment.

I have to say, it was nice to actually receive a call from a human being, instead of the automated message. I decided to fast anyway, just in case. I wondered where that piece of paper would wind up and hoped it would be a shredder. Nestled amongst a sea of Veterans that had to number at least 50, I sighed at the long wait I knew was ahead of me. Surprisingly, the wait was only 10 minutes, which impressed the hell out of me.

I walked back to the nurse who was drawing blood and asked if I had needed to fast for this. After the harvesting, my arm bandaged with way too much coban for one man and I was handed a urine test jar.

I presented with two unisex bathroom doors to choose from and checked the handle on the one I approached to see if it was unlocked. Geez, I thought to myself, lock the door man. Luckily, for some crazy reason, I had no issues filling the cup.

After practicing good hygiene, I brought my cup back to the nurse and was told I was good to go. I noticed many of them with cups in their hands, obviously sitting there waiting on that magic urge to pee. Phew, that could have been me. Feeling great for being able to control my bladder, I strode source over to ID desk and silently cheered on the inside when I saw no one waiting.

Non-functioning electronic number in hand, I reapproached the window and handed it off. After looking over my paperwork and getting help with how to enter the correct number from my voter registration card into the system, the man helping me said.

When the flash went off on the camera, I distinctly remember trying to smile, but what came out was clearly an expression that tells the story of my experience.

My local VA has extremely efficient appointment check-in machines staged throughout the center, which I can now use, thanks to my shiny new VA ID that arrived in record time. Seriously, I was impressed. It took less than a week to get it. I met with a nurse first who took my vitals blood pressure, temperature and also oxygen saturation using a pulse oximeter. A few questions later, many which I assumed tested for depression, PTSD and some other things, I was ushered over to my primary care physician.

He was awesome and we had a lot in common to talk about. We went over my blood work and talked about my overall health, etc.

Home Depot 10% Military Discount Policy

In all it equated to a check-up in my mind and went extremely well. So my question was of course, can I get the number to your nurse so I have it? Rather than actually meet with who would be my primary care provider, the VA randomly assigns these appointments to whoever they can.

Bummer, I liked this guy. Back to that appointment in 9 months. Wait, so the VA, who is known to be so busy that Veterans have to wait months to get seen, is telling me that I need to make sure I come in every two years, just to make sure I retain my status as a patient? That seems a little counterintuitive and extremely inefficient.

All I Wanted Was a Discount

My appointment was fairly uneventful after that point, but I was still in disbelief about the whole two-year thing. I may be both, but I believe it or not I really like the VA. I love all they do for Veterans and no one is perfect, especially me. Drug companies have invaded every form of media available, telling you why you should remember their name and request their product if you exhibit the signs and What Is Home Depot Policy On Veterans Discount.

Nevermind those pesky side effects like anal leakage. If you have the time, leave them in the comments. We want your experience here at ITS to be beneficial and enjoyable. At ITS, our goal is to provide different methods, ideas and knowledge that could one day save your life. Weird, they automatically sent me read article ID after being in the system for a couple of years. No one thinking about what a person must actually go through.

I was in and out in less than 30 minutes.

We offer this discount to thank them for their outstanding service to this nation and to help make their homes more comfortable and safe. Just be up front. If you have the time, leave them in the comments.

Leave your veteran entitlement behind you are not always being harassed,offended or slighted. No, it was my first visit. I hear all the hard times a lot of Vets go through when dealing with the VA, and feel lucky that my hard times are few and far between. It would be somewhat understandable had I not known the social worker I contacted for it. Judging by the expiration date, i believe it was issued to me august I hope they do this for everyone that gets into the system too.

They called over a manager who told me since it was not a photo ID it could be faked…. I came here hoping to hear more about your trip to home depot, not what I have to look forward too later on. Different adventure I guess. The Home Depot by me refused to give a military discount. I walked out and left my I shop at lowes now. Home Depot is a good enough store They just have mostly very young and Very under paid employees and dam Few of them. ITStactical and SenSanders wants to give everyone government run health care.

I admit after seeing 4 differant post about some one getting screwed by home depot I did not. more info

Lowes Just Shocked Every Military Family In America With New Rule Effective NOW In ALL Stores

If I made a mistake then I will admit it and retract my statement. I did three years hard labor on the Lot at one. Much less how to spell it out. I felt my blood pressure going up reliving all the fun of dealing with the VA.